Bonzi Buddy

'I'm Bonzi Buddy, fly me!!!”

~ Bonzi Buddy

“It's been nice gnawing you!”

~ Bonzi Buddy

(info from Harkipedia added for purposes that will become clear post-retcon, when multiple universes become one)

Bonzi Buddy is an evil purple monkey. He was born to innocent parents and, when he was born, was innocent. But when he was ten years old, he discovered the sheer power of being evil. Later, he discovered he was invincible for some reason. Of course, he used his newfound invincibility for evil purposes. Around the same time, he learned how to hack into computers. When he was thirteen, he developed a computer virus that allowed him to telepathically annoy people while messing up their hard drive. One of the victims of this virus was King Harkinian. When he was sixteen, he started a street gang called the Bonzi Gang, which became the Bonzi Army in 1996. He speaks like a messed-up Microsoft Sam. He is purple. He is a monkey. He will slowly rot your brain and turn you into an idiot. He likes Geena Battaline, cheese and My Little Pony. He is also a jerk. He asks children for their credit card information (do they even know that stuff?) and their name, as well as where they live. He also emails all of the kids friends and tells you to get him. His home was destroyed by Fatman in 2004 when Fatman was looking for a place to sit down and sleep.

He is also the leader of the Wonder Pets. He has been ever since Linny gave up.

Bonzi, the stupid monkey
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After the Teletubby Land Massacre, Bonzi Buddy kidnapped the Boohbah. They now serve as his minions, but it is currently unknown as to how he is using them and what happened to Zing Zing Zingbah, as said Boohbah had been spray-painted permanently in the Teletubbies' colors.

Bonzi is also the main cause for The 2nd Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by kicking SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star with his hair while visiting the ruins of Tokyo City.

Dill NyeEdit

Bonzi Buddy appeared in Dill Nye as the 9 foot tall dong gorilla.