Do the Mario

File:Super Mario Brothers Super Show Credits - Do the Mario! Do the Mario is the famous dance that only Captain Lou Albano and Taco n00ba can do. Somebody also tried to Do the Mario once, and he died.

This dance was invented by Captain Lou Albano when Fake Bowser asked him to come up with an attack to defeat Bowser. The Captain invented this dance and defeated Bowser himself in a dance battle. However, this did not much good for Fake Bowser, and Mr. Albano was subsequently burned to death by Bowser's fire breath. Thankfully for Albano, Napoleon Bonaparte liked this dance so much that he revived Captain Lou Albano just so he could watch him Do the Mario some more.

Not many people like this dance. Some guys think it's too stupid, and most guys think it's too difficult to learn...

How To "Do the Mario"Edit

  1. Swing your arms from side to side
  2. Come on it's time to go do the Mario
  3. Take one step
  4. And then again
  5. Let's do the Mario
  6. Altogether now
  7. Swing your arms from side to side
  8. Come on it's time to go do the Mario
  9. Take one step
  10. And then again
  11. Let's do the Mario
  12. Altogether now
  13. Just... like... that!

All the while, you must shift your body back and forth like a chubby hippie. You must also randomly teleport around a computer generated background (green screen) without the assistance of a pipe.

The only way to succesfully do it is by being Captain Lou Albano or run around like an idiot. Running around like an idiot will cause you to do the Mario. Of course this is just theorectical. In order for this to be effective for more than looking like an idiot, you need to do this dance in 7.5 dimensions.


  • His Homeboy Takanuva da groova loooves dis jam
  • This was the most popular tune in the world for a split second
  • Nobody likes it