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The UnWorld (more commonly known as UnEarth) is one of the greatest places in the UnUniverse. It is where most notable figures live, but it is also where all of the stupid people live. We are currently on the UnWorld, and most that you know is in the UnWorld (but as an alternate reality form, what you really live in is the Real World).

The UnWorld is an iron-ball thingy in space that has been taken over 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times, which would fall if it wasn't floating in space. The dreaded humans live here. Home "sweet" home. UnEarth is located in a galaxy called UnMilky Way

There are a lot of species in the UnWorld. To see all the species click here.


Creatures from other planets seem to like invading planet UnEarth. It might be Darth Vader, or Space Invaders, but no matter what, UNEARTH IS INVADED A LOT! In fact there have been so many invasions, the humans blew up their own planet in hopes of stopping the invasions.

People who Invaded UnEarthEdit


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The UnWorld was first formed in 4,500,000,000 BC. It was one of the many planets that were created a long time ago. Of course, Nobody lived here at the time. Then, some worms appeared, but Chuck Norris wiped them out and put land on the UnWorld. More creatures came and went. Today, humans are the main species, but several other exist, some of them are stupid, and some of them are smart (and sometimes smarter than the humans).

Map of Modern UnWorldEdit


List of states in the UnWorldEdit

Countries abbreviations not shown on new mapEdit

  • BU-Baltic Union
  • BS-Botswana
  • CB-Colombia
  • EG-Egypt
  • MM-Myanmar
  • NW-Norway
  • UE-Ukraine

States with limited recognitionEdit

These countries exist, but not everybody wants to admit it...