Evil Mario

Evil Mario Kidnapping Yoshi

Evil Mario is a clone of Mario. He was made when Mario stepped into a cloning machine. We don't know why he stepped into the cloning machine, but we do know that it created an evil version of Mario, called Evil Mario. Evil Mario is currently in The German Prison because he is evil.

After Evil Mario was made, the first thing he did was take a magnum, and blow Mario's head off. He missed, of course, so Mario used a Fire Flower, and Evil Mario was forced to run. He wondered the streets for three years before finding a building that was empty. He went in, claimed the building was his, and opened a restaurant, which on November 9, 2013, He got arrested after the cops saw him feeding the two children meat pizza, he is now in jail, and his place was shut down.

After years of blaming Mario for poisoning people in the restaurant, they discovered it was actually a clone, and Evil Mario was sent to many prisons, eventually getting stuck at The German Prison.