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The K-fee drink

K-fee is a company based in Germany and also the name of a super highly ultimate caffeine drink that they make, what it taste like? I do not know i'm not German, and don't ask Heinz Doofenshmirtz either because he's not German and he's from Drusselstein, but anyways, this drink has OVER 9000 megatons of caffeine in it, making it the most caffeine filled drink in Europe, but who cares about statistics and stuff?

K-fee energy drinks were made in, like, 2004, when they were made, the crew thought they can make MOAR Mollah by being way too horrifying beyond human compression, so they made infamous screamers that start off peaceful and then jumpscare you with Squidward Tentacles secret admirer, who is one of the many Zombies in this world, Nobody liked it until some time in the golden ages of YouTube, where the community took a shining to these commercials and they became a minor Internet meme, and appeared in many a YouTube Poop.

This ad campaign also failed for it's horror, so not so many guys tried this, many germans also thought that a zombie or gargoyle will come out of the can and go, "Boogaloogaloogaloogalooga!" at them, K-fee energy drinks are also ingredients in 0 Burgers.

A advert at the end, we cannot show you anything else of it
The closest to the commercial's main part we can get. It's far spookier than this.