Leegee-Leegee is a Teleteegee. She was the result of what happened when Hyper Weegee stared at Laa-Laa, after that incident, she discovered her new powers as a Teleteegee.


Leegee-Leegee StareEdit

Laa-Laa's page mentions her Weegee Stare mimic: "She may not be a Fakegee but she can also mimic the Weegee Stare flawlessly." Her mimic is even more powerful now, when she stares at someone, they turn into Leegee-Leegee clones. of course they do But if she stares at a Fakegee, they become invincible for a short amount of time.

Leegee-Leegee PunchEdit

When she punches someone, they Asplode.

Leegee-Leegee HammerEdit

Leegee-Leegee uses the mallet that she uses on Tinkeegee Winkeegee to smash people's heads to make their skulls Asplode.