Loompaland is a far off land located in Africa on the UnWorld. It is a jungle-land inhabited by many bizarre creatures that are not found anywhere else. These are Loompaland Monsters. It is notable for being the home of the fat creatures known as Oompa Loompas.

Loompaland was created around the same time Earth was. It became part of Earth, and a bunch of trees and plants started growing here. Eventually, after the dinosaurs died out, and new creatures came in, all of the weird looking one went to Loompaland for an "Ugly Convention". The ugly things were then stranded in Loompaland, and decided to live here. In 1 BC, they created a country, because why not?

Loompaland is most well known for its Oompa Loompas, weird fat creatures that lived in Loompaland until Willy Wonka kidnapped them. The Oompa Loompas built many military forts that are still standing today, and you can go see for only a ridiculously high fee.

Willy Wonka, wielding the Sword of Epic, conquered Loompalnd. He is now the king of a wasteland jungle full of dangerous monsters and stupid tourist attractions. In fact, he even built a second Chocolate factory here, but it does not produce any chocolate because Willy Wonka is a total moron.