It's not Luigi time... –Luigi, after getting shot.
I'm going to go unclog a toilet.
Super Luigi Galaxy! –Luigi in an anti-Mario protest.
Actually, I had planned on spending the afternoon flossing my teeth.
Hey Mario, look! I grew an inch!
Remember, trust the fungus.
I hate you Mario. –Luigi's catchphrase.
Hey, I like Spaghetti too! –They served Mario spaghetti, they served Luigi Turtle Soup.
This is going to be delicious! –Luigi about to eat Pie.
Is it just me, or do I remind everyone of Tails?
Luigi win! Luigi win! Luigi win! Luigi win! –This is the first time Luigi has ever won in his life.
I wish I had a mustache like Mario's. Mine is dumb. –Yes, it really is.
Luigi want blood. Luigi need BLOOD! LUIGI KILL! –Luigi, ready to kill Toad with nothing but an egg beater.