Mama Luigi

Cquote1.png That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario! Cquote2.png
Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi is a mysterious guy who looks like Luigi.

Mama Luigi lives in South America Dinosaur World where he raises dinosaurs. He sure doesn't know about meteorite and stuff but that's not the problem for him. He married Mama Yoshi and had a son, Billy Mays. He is now dead because he was playing around with the Death Note like it was a toy.

Mama Luigi was noticed for the first time when he captured Luigi and appeared in poorly written TV series instead of him. His true identity was acknowledged only during the last episode in the very end.

After he was discovered to be fake, the Anti Tails Movement took a break, and decided to go after him for no reason. They shot Mama Luigi so hard, he flew to Mars. He died on impact, but his corpse still walks around. At least, it did, until the Meta Knight used it for target practice with his missile launcher.

Nowadays, people say alot of Mama Lugi Jokes, here are some:

Mama Luigi-

  • Is so fat that when he went to an all you can eat buffet, the staff had to put speed bumps.
  • Is so dumb that he stole a free sample.
  • Is so fat he tripped on 4th avenue and landed on 12th.
  • Is so ugly that his face melts the plastic for plastic surgery.
  • Is so stupid that he says You are fat
  • Is so dumb so he says 1+1=5 ( like George the Bush. )
  • Is so fat so you have to picture him with a sattelite
  • Is so weak so Chuck Norris can beat him by just staring
  • He and Skips made the Shame Boy Color.
  • He thought Super Squeegee`s hat was his.