He looks a little bit like Malleo for some reason. Also, his clothes glow slightly.

Marigi is a semi-twined version of Mario and Luigi. The ability he/it has is the power to make people (really) fat. He/it is a member of the Foreign Legion from Napoleon Bonaparte. Because he was killed by George Bush, he needed to return. But only one person could do that: Napoleon Bonaparte. He only wants to revive Marigi if he goes into the Foreign Legion. But he said no... for now... that's why he's dead till the end of days... *muhahaha*.

Until Sarah Palin came to power and forced Napoleon Bonaparte to revive Marigi. Marigi and Waluigi were both seen wearing wedding dresses on December 12, 2012. For days Marigi was wearing that wedding dress until they found out that that was a clone and the real one is stealing money from the Federal Reserve and gold from Fort Knox. The clone soon merged with WaZelda when a meteorite hit the clone, which is now known as WaZeigi.

The real Marigi was stealing money from the Federal Reserve when North Korea invaded the Federal Reserve. Marigi was killed when Sonic the Hedgehog did a spin dash against his fart attack and it reflected and hit him. When Queen Victoria found Marigi, Sonic said that Marigi committed suicide. However, that was when it was discovered: Marigi was actually a fakegee. Marigi attacked Sonic and Queen Victoria, but they escaped. He is currently plotting revenge on George Bush and Sonic.

What you need to know!Edit

  • He/it can make everybody so fat that they can explode...
  • He/it likes Green Cheese
  • He/it is so dat that they has his own postal code.

People who can stand the fat powerEdit