King Pac-Man

Pac-Land is a country in the southern hemisphere of Earth. It is inhabited by Pac-People, and ruled by the infamous Pac-Man. It is currently a superpower country, and holds the record for the "hungriest country in the world"!


Pac-Land was once known as Australia. This "Australia" was ruled by ancient peoples who did not know what modern technology was. They got here after they built boats out of trees. The boats blew up, but they swam the rest of the way, and made Australia.

Australia survived and thrived for several thousand years, until some other countries argued over who got to conquer them. During this time, Australia made its own army, and they decided it could be its own country. While the Australians were celebrating, Pac-Man led every Pac-Person in the world (except for Pac-Dude) into Australia, and they took over.

Pac-Land was established December 8, 12 BC, and the Pac-People finally had a safe home. Unlike most weird creatures, the Pac-People were tolerant of humans, and let them live here, though they were a minority. The Pac-People had all the power, and humans are often discriminated against here.

Pac-Land was a major participant in the Videogame War. Though it lost miserably, it was able to capture some territory from the Sonic Islands, which set it up to be a more powerful nation in the long run.


Pac-Land is an absolute monarchy, with Pac-Man ruling over Pac-Land without question. Under him are his family, his royal counsel, and then the citizens. Pac-Man also allows humans to be kept as slaves, but this is not a common practice (because humans are violent, unpredictable, and stupid). Ghosts are considered an even lower class than humans, and several ghost hunting squads are active here. Ghostbusters are also reluctantly welcome.


In 2008, the economy was falling, so many pac-people had to leave. The humans (which were being used as slaves) formed a government and it became Australia once again. The Pac-People also gave a bunch of islands north of Australia (which they had conquered in the Videogame War) back to the Sonic Islands; however, they kept New Zealand for themselves.