Another excellent observation from Philosoraptor.
Cquote1.png What if Pinocchio said 'My nose will grow?' Cquote2.png
Philosoraptor, musing to himself about how stupid Pinocchio is.

Philosoraptor (real name George) is a very thoughtful velociraptor that likes to think about things. He is often regarded to be incredibly intelligent and one of the greatest philosophers of our time. Philosoraptor is currently the chief adviser of Y U No Guy on Meme Island, and is also Meme Island's representative for the UnUnited Nations. Unfortunately, Nobody ever listens to Philosoraptor's wisdom, and people continue to do stupid things.

Philosoraptor was born about 74 million years ago. At the time, all dinosaurs were stupid. Philosoraptor was one of these stupid dinosaurs. But then a meteor came down and killed most of the stupid dinosaurs. The remaining dinosaurs ran off to Dinosaur World when the humans came. Philosoraptor hid in Dinosaur World for a while.

Eventually, Po came around and brainwashed a bunch of guys and called them the Internet Memes. Philosoraptor was one of these guys, but he was immune to the brainwashing. After the memes took over one of the Sonic Islands, Philosoraptor was invited to join them anyways.