Not very often you see an epic Weegee.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Species: Godly Fakegee
Home: Undefeatable Palace
Death: NEVER
AKA: The only cool Weegee
Likes: Being Epic
Dislikes: n00bs
Education: Gods are born smart, dumbdonkey.
Occupation: Being an Undefeatable
Known For: Being Pureegee
UnRank: 1,999,457,999,999

Pureegee is a very godly and epic Fakegee and makes all other Fakegees look retarded. He was created when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked a Weegee clone in 9,001 BC. He has many forms that make him look like other people, mainly Fakegees. He is quite simply awesome. He is also an unofficial member of the Undefeatables.


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