Wabowarigi everyone! Everything is right about him!

WaBowarigi is the fusion clone of WaMario, WaBowser, and WaWaluigi. He was suppoused to have all their different skills, but instead it just has all their flaws.

WaBowarigi is an evil creation of WaDaisy. WaDaisy hired three random Wa-Guys to help her out in an evil plan. Then, she used the Wa-Machine to create a clone that was like them all combined. This creature was supposed to do her bidding, but it didn't want to, so it kicked her.

WaBowawigi ran away, and hid in a dumpster for a few weeks. When he realized he was dying from malnutrition, he got out, walked through the wall of a McDonald's, and ordered a Big Mac. He survived, and left to go terrorize people.

He shot fire everywhere, so the Police came, and tried to arrest him. He sat on them, and they cried for their mommies. WaBowarigi then left, going to Sesame Street to hide for a while. The Elmo Gang chased him out, so he went to Mushroom Kingdom. Eventually, WaBowarigi went to the bottom of the ocean, and almost drowned, but then he found some Oxygen laying on the floor. He picked it up, breathed it, then swam back to the surface.

WaBowarigi thought he had nowhere to go, but then Nintendo found him, and decided to put him in shames.