WaBowser is a Wa-guy created by Bowser to help him conquer the world. He is the final boss of the Shame: The Scratch Cat's Idiot Journey.

WaBowser was created when Bowser used the Wa-Machine to create a minion as powerful as he is. This was foolish, because WaBowser betrayed Bowser right away by kicking him, and running for it.

WaBowser was the main character in Attack of the WaGuys. He used this to trick people into liking him. He was about to use the secret bombs he planted to blow up Earth, but three seconds before he could hit the button, WaDaisy grabbed him. Someone else pressed it, causing OVER 9000 packs of TNT to go off all around the world. This caused nothing except a few broken trees here and there.

WaBowser was part of the creation of WaBowarigi, along with WaMario and WaWaluigi.