WaPeach is the result of when the infamous and ugly Wario kidnapped Princess Peach, and threw her in the Wa-Machine. Out came one of the most dangerous wa-guys to ever exist: WaPeach. Unlike most wa-guys, WaPeach can fly, so she is considered godlike and all powerful, even though she isn't.

WaPeach was actually made at the same time as WaDaisy, who is much eviler. WaPeach, being jealous, decided she should FIRE HER LAZOR! It failed miserably, and WaPeach got sent to The German Prison. She was released about forty five minutes later, and she went off to kill WaDaisy.

However, WaDaisy's slaves annihilated WaPeach, so WaPeach decided she would quit trying to get revenge. She traveled the world in search of something to do. She spent some time as a Hyrulian royal guard, as a Chinese Painball player, and even as a test dummy for Nintendo. She stuck with that, and eventually got married to Redneck Joe. They had two children, and WaPeach tried to kill them. Nobody noticed this. She failed, so she gave up and took a nap. When she woke up, WaBowser kidnapped her, but she beat him up, and went back home to take another nap.