The article about failure on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an evil corporation that makes articles about "facts". It was first invented by Jimmy Wales in part of his plot to take over the world. He created Wikipedia, and then started making articles. The goal of these articles were to irritate, misinform, and bore people with facts, which is evil. As anyone can edit it, it has even more information.

Wikipedia is currently the headquarters of all the worlds evildoers, internet trolls, and random low lives. Wikipedia is disgusting because of all of its random lies which they call the truth. Those loyal to UnAnything do not use Wikipedia unless they want  false information that we know to be incorrect. And we are very smart!

Wikipedia is also known to have a secret alliance with Wikia and Anything Wiki. The purpose of this alliance is yet to be confirmed, but it might just be to piss us off. That's the kind of thing they do.

"TAKE OVAH THE WORLD" thinked Jimmy Wales