He looks like the thing of nightmares!!!


Zeegee is a very crazy person. The story of how he was created is freaky. He is truly the stuff of nightmares! Anyway, let's get on with the creation story shall we. It all started one day when Weegee was watching TV, and WaWaluigi came up from behind the couch and used a Knock-out-Ray on him. He then took knocked out Weegee to his fusion labs in WaWorld. He then went after Guiyii. Guiyii at the moment was doing what he/she or whatever it is does best, Being crazy. Once again WaWaluigi used his Knock-out-Ray. He dragged Guiyii to his fusion labs. He put the two sleepy people in the Fusion-Machine 9000 and it combined Weegee and Guiyii into someone new. His name was Zeegee.


After being created he performed Geddan for 10 minutes. That let WaWaluigi know all about how insane this guy actually was. I mean what would you expect out of a combination of Weegee and Guiyii. After that WaWaluigi always dreaded the day he unleashed this guy into the universe. WaWaluigi couldent take it knowing that there was person that crazy in the world. Zeegee is also very powerful. He has the insanity of Guiyii and the extreme powers of Weegee. Eventually WaWaluigi had no choice, but to call his friend Shoop da Whoop. Zeegee died when Shoop da Whoop fired his laser at him. But since Zeegee is a Fakegee he just respawned.

Void ExperienceEdit

When it was stuffed in the toaster by Giygas......just go click the title.

ZeeGee died by a shoop da whoop